What Role Does SEO Play in Online Traffic


Search Engine Optimization or SEO, in short, has been misrepresented so much that people think it is a convoluted stuff that should be left to pundits. As a consequence, small, mid-sized and some large businesses have not tried to utilize the concept as part of their marketing plan. But do you know that SEO has an integral role in generating online traffic to your site?

It is true that traffic by itself isn’t going to bring you money. What it does is increase the exposure of your site so that many people may know your business exists. By knowing of your business’ existence, the chances are that should they need something your business offers, then they’ll most likely stop by your site.

Moreover, most of the people who come to your site through the operation of SEO are qualified leads- which means that they were looking for a business like yours when they found your site in the SERP; therefore, it is a given that they already have an interest in your services or products. That is why it is popularly acknowledged that SEO has probably the best Return on Investment in advertising: better than all other forms of offline advertising, SEO is a more effective method of publicity. That is because it permits you to market to folks when they are searching for the services and products that your business offers. You do not have to convince them that they should buy a certain product or service which your business offers: you only need them to believe that you are the best business they can buy from.

You can use Google Analytics to get invaluable insight into the traffic

Once you get the desired traffic, you can employ Google Analytics to gain a lot of insight into your traffic. The insights include how the customers search, how they browse, the technology they employ, their location, the time of day they are most active, the language they use, etc. These insights are very valuable to your business as they will help you to make informed decisions about your business and the strategies to use, both online and offline.

Did you know that SEO is also good for your business visibility? It is every marketer’s desire to appear high in the Search Engine Results Pages whenever potential customers look for products or services in their niche. And it is not just because they want the customers to click simply through to their website. There is value in just showing up in search results for certain keywords related to your business: it increases your business’ visibility. Why is increasing your visibility important? It is worth noting that certain searchers don’t simply search once, but they click on some websites, alter their search terms, make a search again, and hone their search terms further. While this is going on, if your business will consistently show up in all the search results, that means you are getting more and more mind share with every potential customer, and they are most likely to click into your website. Besides, they are wont to trust you much more. Which means that SEO also raises credibility.

Credibility is very important for consistent online traffic. And good SEO improves your credibility. How? Searchers always make mental notes of rankings for the terms they input into Google and other search engines. They may be oblivious of their workings of their mind at the time, but they do make the mental note. In the mind of the consumer, your ranking high up in the SERP is a vote of confidence. It is just like it used to be when people relied on yellow pages. At that time if a person was looking for a certain service provider, they felt more confident calling those who were listed on the first pages first. Therefore, though the customers may not realize that they are beginning to trust the sites ranking high in the result pages, most certainly, and unconsciously, a high ranking in the Search Engine Results pages makes you more credible in the eyes of your potential customers. That, in turn, improves traffic to your business.

It is, therefore, imperative that you should invest in good SEO being that it increase traffic to your site. It is something you can do by yourself, but if it sounds difficult and convoluted, then some companies offer SEO services like http://vancouverseoagency.ca/ - they will be of great help.

10 Most Important Books for Business Owners


Reading helpful books can help to broaden your business perceptive and change your thinking for better business strategies, tactics, and success. By reading, you gain the potential to move ahead of the competition, gain more self-confidence, generate new ideas, and run your business both efficiently and successfully. That said, here are some of the most important books for a business owner.

1. Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business- Gino Wickman All entrepreneurs face similar frustrations- profit woes, personal conflicts, weak growth, and decisions that seem never to be made or implemented. Wickman offers a practical method for the business success you have been envisioning. Are you having a grip on your business or is your business having a grip on you? The book teaches the secrets and the power of strengthening six key components of your business.

2. E-Myth The book by Michael Garber teaches you how to set up your business so that it could run without you, and do so consistently. The book will help to free your time to go on a vacation, spend more time with your family, and do what most entrepreneurs like to do- build another company.

3. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Napoleon, a journalist, sought to investigate what made some people highly successful in business and others not. After a decade of research, more than 25,000 interviews with many successful men of his time including Henry Ford, Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller and George Eastman, Hill came up with thirteen steps to success. Some of the steps to riches include desire, persistence, decision, subconscious mind, faith, and organization. By reading this book, you will develop a positive mental attitude, effectively deal with adversities, and be able to formulate and follow a definite purpose.You can get the original version online for free of charge.

4. Scaling Up: Why a Few Companies Make it, Why the Rest Don't Almost every entrepreneur is in search of new to build more efficient teams and organizations that will stand the test of time. Through business parables, compelling research, vivid examples, Verne Harnish shows practical advice on one of the toughest challenges that most organizations face- how to spread success from few individuals to the entire fabric of the organization. The book has some specific 'how to's' and some critical ideas. It clearly teaches what the top managers need to do to propel companies through multiple growth phases. You can get some free templates on the supporting website www.scaleup.com.

5. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie No business can survive without the customers' support. You need to win people to survive the competition. To do it, you need to have some unique skills to influence your customers, creditors, retailers, vendors, and clientele. You can nurture the skills by reading this book. It is self-explanatory, lucid and clear. The book expounds the points with empirical examples.

6. Swim with Sharks by Harvey Mackay Harvey stresses out that the customers don't care how much you know about them; they care how much you care about them. By reading it, you will learn about patience, persistence, professionalism, and putting the needs of your clients and prospects first. It is based on the notion that the sales people will drop the ball. Your task is to fill the void when it occurs. The book teaches you how to Outsell- getting some appointments with prospects who at first don't positively want to transact with you. The book also teaches the skill of out negotiating- when to say a polite no or send the clones.

7. Good to Great by Jim Collins Collins and his team examine whether it is possible to move a company from good to great. He affirms that it is possible when certain conditions are fulfilled. By removing redundant labor, fostering an ideal business culture, and practicing honesty in business, a company can move from good to great. By reading 'Good to Great,' you will discover new techniques and knowledge needed to manage your business and people. You will also know how to deal with clientele, vendors, and other groups.

8. Innovative Dilemma by Clayton Christensen Clayton gives an analysis of the changing technology and its role in the company's future success. The book addresses tough problems that most successful companies will face. It's analytical, lucid, and practical. Clayton provides insights and connection between business success and technological change. In the book, Clayton says that a successful company with established products can do everything right but still lose market leadership. He not only proves what he says but advises you how to avoid similar fates. Clayton uses lessons of failure from leading companies to present set of rules for capitalizing disruptive innovation. It's a must have book for any aspiring innovator.

9. The Next Millionaires- Paul Pilzer The book describes the hottest and biggest business strategies taking place now. The book will help you to get in line with at least one of the trends for business success. When writing this book, Paul was well ahead of time. Some of the trends mentioned are still in infancy and as effective as they were when the book was written.

10. Rich Dad, Poor Dad The book by Robert Kiyosaki is mind altering. He explains the business strategies that separates the middle class, the rich, and the ultra rich. He unveils a concept that can help you to build a passive income stream and grow your wealth rather than getting caught up in a rat race, where you are always trading time for money.

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